With an increasing demand for quality polymers we supply to converters in the
Injection, Blow Moulding and Extrusion Industries.
Our range encompasses polymers, resins, additives, plasticizers, flame retardants,
pigments and fillers. We sell into the cable, electrical, compounding, appliance,
automotive and packaging industries to name a few.
With the gradual recovery of the manufacturing industry, we have expanded
our product range and diversified our products to cover a wider spectrum
demanded by the manufacturing industry.
The demand for quality polymers for Electrical, Automotive and Mining applications
are easily met since our suppliers posses all the qualifications and certification for
each polymer we supply. Our products are supplied with full Data sheets and in some
instances accompanied by RoHS and MSDS certification.
PA (Polyamide)
- Polyamide (Nylon) PA6
- Polyamide (Nylon) PA66
Polyamide Variants (PA6 and PA66):
- Nylon Glass Filled 15%
- Nylon Glass Filled 20%
- Nylon Glass Filled 30%
- Nylon Glass Filled 45%
- Unfilled Standard Grade PA6 and PA66
- Unfilled Super Tough Grades PA6 and PA66
          - Flame Retardant V0 Grades PA6 and PA66
  Glass filled and unfilled
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
- ABS Natural Standard Grade
- ABS Natural Flame Retardant V0
- ABS Pre-Compound White Standard Grade
- ABS Pre-Compound White Flame Retardant Grade
TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) (TPV Rubber)
- TPV Natural Injection grade
- TPV Black Injection Grade
- TPV Natural Extrusion Grade
- TPV Black Extrusion Grade
- TPV Extrusion Natural and Black Flame Retardant
- TPV Injection Grade Natural and Black Flame Retardant
PP Filler CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate Filler)
- Polypropylene Calcium Filler
This product has a high melt flow to ensure easy processability
PP Filler Talc (Talc Filler)
- Polypropylene with 40% Talc Filler pre-compounded.
PC/ABS (Polycarbonate / ABS Blend) Ratio: PC70% ABS30%
This new product has proven highly successful with easy
mouldability and available in pre-compound white and natural
colour with V0 Flame Retardant
- PC/ABS Natural V0 Flame Retardant
- PC/ABS Pre-Compound White V0 Flame Retardant
Our products include:
                     TEL: +27 11 397-4455               FAX: +27 11 397-4470
PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
- PBT Unfilled Grade Natural
- PBT Glass Filled Grade 15% and 30% (Black and Natural)
Polypropylene Repelletized
- PP repelletized Black
- HDPE repelletized Black - Injection Grade
- HDPE repelletized Black - Blow Moulding Grade
- HDPE repelletized Natural - Injection and Blow Moulding Grade
- PBT Glass Filled Grade 15% and 30% (Black and Natural)
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Polycarbonate Clear - UV Stabilised
- Polycarbonate Clear with UV stabilizer good mould ability and mould release.